Coconut and pistachio chicken korma

It seems Spring salads and sandals will have to wait. Hopefully this is the last of winter’s cold shoulder. In the meantime, here are Seven delicious curry recipes to keep you company. Don’t skimp on the naan. You’re going to need it.

Next to Butter chicken curry and Tikka masala, chicken korma is one of the most popular curries. It’s not hard to see why. The sauce, while pale, is unctuously rich and fragrant. Blistered roti is requisite, as is something sharp and bright to oppose the creaminess of this dish. I’ve included an easy minted coriander chutney. The secret to this Pistachio Chicken Korma is a homemade curry paste.

Healthy butter chicken curry

Heat is like a shoe, it needs to fit comfortably. I like my mine with a fair bit of clout but not eyebrow-curling hot. In this Healthy Butter Chicken Curry, I’ve aimed for middle of the road. Feel free to add extra chilli at the end, if you think it needs it.

Lamb curry with mango atchar

Indian food lends itself to gathered feasts with a host of tasty morsels to serve alongside. I serve my Lamb Curry with a refreshing carrot and masala cashew salad. It’s a lively and bright, the perfect contrast to the sweet fattiness of lamb.

Chicken and cauliflower Korma

The recipe for my Chicken and Cauliflower Korma is the work of mere minutes. It’s the kind of food you want to make when you need everything to happen in one pot. No fancy cooking, just good food, made simple. And because we all need short-cut support every now and then, we’re leaning on a handful of kitchen staples like tinned tomatoes, coconut milk and a ready made Korma curry paste.

Cape Malay Chicken Meatball Curry

I love the generous the flavours of Cape Malay cooking. They’re bold, colourful and full of character, as are these Cape Malay Chicken Meatballs. I serve them with a throw-together, fresh apple chutney. The flavour is delightfully clean and zingy. It’s the making of the dish.

Cape Malay chicken curry|roasted bananas

Cape Malay Chicken Curry is a local hero. It reflects the unique flavours that make Malay cooking one of South Africa’s most loved cuisines. It’s deeply aromatic, with a rich coconut cream tomato sauce. We love it with Mrs Ball’s chutney and bananas, freshly sliced or caramelised, whichever takes your fancy.

Prawn curry

Good curries are about building flavour. Dry toasting the whole spices release their natural oils and provide intense flavour. Caramelising the onions slowly over a gentle heat lends a gentle sweetness to this Coconut Prawn curry. Once the paste is done, you’re on the home stretch to the quickest curry ever! Prawns require minimal cooking time, so make sure you have the rice ready.

Ginger and turmeric chickpea stew

I love everything about this Chickpea curry. It’s wholesome and hearty with a creamy coconut sauce. It encourages torn bread to dip and mop your way to the end. As with most stews and curries, the complexity of flavours ease and mature overnight. On day one it is good, day two, even better. It’s proven to be one of the most popular vegetarian recipes on the blog!  With seven delicious curry recipes to choose from, I hope you find a few new family favourites to bring to the table.


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