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Di Bibby Cooking ClassesEach month we explore exciting new culinary flavours from around the world from Middle Eastern, Turkish, Italian and Indian. Most often we will start with traditional breads that reflect each specific cultures and cuisines. From there, it’s all about delectable sides, mains and dessert, of course. Expect exuberantly colourful food with vibrant flavours that celebrate seasonal produce. Flecked in between we will explore Baking with healthy alternatives, Vegan and Vegetarian food. There’s a strong focus on delicious and doable ways of including more plant-based meals into everyday cooking.

The cooking classes are intimate and relaxed. After a participative cook, we gather around the table to share in good food and great conversation.

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    April 2024 Cooking Classes : Italian

    It’s been a while, but finally, the kitchen renovation is complete and ready for us to cook. Our first class for the year is Italian, the perfect antidote to cooler autumn days. We’ll be baking bread, cooking comforting pastas and sides, and finishing with a showstopper dessert.

    Dates : 25 th April 9-12 am (sold out)
    27 th April 9-12 am  (sold out)

    For bookings, please email



    February 2023 Cooking Classes : How to Salad – Properly

    Welcome back friends. I trust you’re all well rested and ready to cook. Our first class for 2023 is about bountiful bowls of fresh and healthy deliciousness. We’ll look at creative and wholesome ways of making the most of seasonality and eating good for you food without deprivation.

    Dates:   9th Feb – Fully Booked
    11th Feb  – Fully Booked
    18th Feb – Available

    For bookings, please email



    May 2022 Cooking Classes : Flavours of Thailand

    If you’ve missed travelling and eating the exotic, this might help. Expect bold, fresh and vibrantly delicious food. We’ll also be making a traditional Japanese milk bread with miso butter. Heavenly! So looking forward to cooking with you all again.

    Dates : May 5th, 7th, 12th

    Times : 9-12.30am

    Spaces are limited. Update : Thursday 12th – Sold out

    For bookings, please email


    February 2022 Cooking Classes Vegetarian Bounty Table

    Wishing you all the happiest new year. February’s cooking class is centred around plant-based foods that celebrate seasonality and the endless possibilities that fresh produce offers. Textural salads, comforting casseroles, family suppers and quirky salsas that amp up flavours. And of course, something sweet for the perfect closure. Please note that spaces are limited.

    Dates: February 17th, 19th, 26th

    Time: 9-12.30am

    Please note: Dates are subject to change dependent on covid restrictions/regulations. Alternate dates or refund options will apply.

    For bookings, please email


    Christmas 2021 Cooking Classes – The Feasting Table

    I’m so delighted to finally confirm the dates for our Christmas cooking classes. Our theme is The Christmas Feasting Table. From sociable nibbles to the last delectable indulgence, it celebrates everything we love about gathering around the seasonal table and sharing food that makes the heart sing.

    Dates: Thursday 18th and Saturday 20th November

    Time: 9-12.30am

    Please note that dates are subject to change dependent on revised covid restrictions/regulations. Alternate dates or refund options will apply.

    For bookings, please email



    Cooking classes for May 2021 

    Along with cooler autumn days comes the need for heartier food that’s deeply spiced and comforting. Our theme for May’s cooking class is contemporary Indian. Expect unusual curries, flatbreads, cooling raita, fresh herb chutneys and a swoony cardamom, coconut and pistachio semi freddo.

    Dates : Thursday 6th, Saturday 8th and 15th May

    Times 9-12am

    Please note: Dates are subject to change dependent on covid restrictions/regulations. Alternate options will apply.

    For bookings, please email



    Cooking classes March 2021

    After an extended break, we’re back in the kitchen for our March cooking classes. As mentioned before, classes will remain smaller than usual. The theme for is Healthy Happy food with an emphasis on vegetables and whole foods. Please note, space is limited. If need be, an additional class may be added.


    18th and 20th March

    Times 9-12.30am

    To book, please email

    Cooking classes for February 2021

    Please note: Due to current covid statistics, the February classes have be postponed to a later date. New dates will be confirmed once current restrictions and risk ease. Thank you for you understanding and patience.

    We’re starting the year with vibrantly colourful, fresh and completely delicious food. Expect generous grain bowls and wholesome mains that celebrate seasonal abundance and cook from scratch recipes. Dessert is otherworldly and indulgent with refined sugar-free sweet treats that are impressively simple and quick.


    11 & 13th February 2021

    Times 9-12.3am

    To book, please email

    Christmas cooking classes

    After a lengthy sojourn from cooking classes, we’re back in the kitchen for this year’s Christmas cooking class. The November dates are unfortunately sold out but, I’ve added an extra day in the hope of accommodating those who’d still like to join.
    Our theme is Edible gifts and Holiday Bakes.
    The classes will be slightly smaller than previously, so spaces are limited.

    Dates : 26th and 28th November – Sold out
    Available date: 3rd December
    Time 9-12am

    To reserve a place, please email me on



    February 2020

    Simple, Balanced and Delicious

    With an emphasis on flavourful food that’s vibrant, colourful and completely delicious. It’s all about feel good food with benefits. We’ll also be putting useful pantry staples to work from the Bibby’s Kitchen cookbook and transforming them into super-tasty dishes. Books will be available for sale on the day.

    Dates : 6th and 8th February

    Time : 9-12am

    Terms & Conditions

    • Bookings will only be confirmed once full payment has been received.
    • As classes are planned well in advance, cancellations need to made 7 days prior to cooking class date. If there are places available on an alternate day, you are welcome to swap. Failing this, all recipes will be forwarded by email.