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Bibby’s – More Good Food embraces approachable food made with thoughtful consideration. Devoid of intimidating complexities, the recipes are for the most part appealingly simple, versatile and straightforward. Many of the recipes are plant-centric without being exclusively vegetarian. Expect an abundance of textural contrast and funky flavour enhancers.
The book is divided into nine vibrantly fresh chapters, influenced largely by Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours.

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BIBBY’S – MORE GOOD FOOD is a symphony of flavours, thoughtfully organized into chapters that include the essentials of the pantry, the warm embrace of breads, the delight of morning treats, vibrant and plant-rich salads and sides, the artistry of both quick and slow plates, her enchanting world of baking, and cocktails that are simply to die for. Evidently, the meticulous writing of each recipe shows the time that went into creating, testing and capturing each dish.
– Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen
Michelin-Star Chef


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