Dalgona & Hazelnut Chocolate swirl Ice Cream

When the mercury rises, there’s nothing like drippy ice cream to temper the heat. Our latest love is this no-churn hazelnut chocolate swirl ice cream. Given legs by the Dalgona coffee craze that pacified coffee aficionados during Lockdown, it’s a creamy coffee-chocolate concoction that’s every bit as addictive as it’s coffee cousin. The recipe is from my ebook, Beautiful Home Food. Here are several of my favourite  dreamy ice cream recipes.

Roasted Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt Cookie Sandwiches

There’s nothing that says summer quite like strawberries and cream. And when it comes casual summer desserts, ice cream and frozen yoghurt are the  frozen support you need for relaxed summer entertaining. My roasted strawberry frozen yoghurt is bright and fruity, with puddles of jammy strawberries swirled throughout. It doesn’t really need a cookie to complete it, but then, when were cookies not a good idea? If you like a crisp cookie, more of a biscuit than chewy cookie, these buttery coconut cookies are snappishly crisp.

Amarena Cherry Ice cream

The first time I tasted this Amarena cherry ice cream was in Rome, sitting on the steps of a tiny gelataria overlooking the Colosseum. The air was hot, the view spectacular and the gelato, unforgettable. Since then, whenever I make this ice cream, I think of Italian summers. This ice cream can take you there.

Strawberry and gin ice cream

If you like easy summer desserts and cocktails, my strawberry and gin  ice cream is for you. It tastes like summer holidays. Inspired by my recent trip to Italy where there almost as many gelateria as there are coffee shops, gelato is everyone’s favourite summer indulgence. There’s no shortage of flavours either. From peach Bellinis, avocado and pea or pale pink watermelon, vanilla and chocolate flavours are surpassed by imaginative concoctions and novel infusions.

Milk tart ice cream

Milk tart ice cream takes all the flavours of South Africa’s favourite tart and turns it into a frozen delight. The hazelnut gingerbread crumble topping is rather fabulous too, almost like cookies and cream.

Sesame and Liquorice Ice Cream

The first time I made this Sesame and Liquorice ice cream I knew we were going to be friends, Firstly because it’s a ridiculously easy no churn recipe and is quite unike anything I’ve ever tasted. Made with the usual suspects – condensed milk, cream and vanilla, but then, a generous handful of speckle black seeds combined with lacquered black liquorice syrup. The syrup is almost salty and intensely aniseed-ish, a perfect contrast to the creamy sweetness of the ice cream. Heavenly, in fact.

If you make one (or more?)  of these Six dreamy ice cream recipes, do share it with us by tagging @bibbyskitchen

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