Mandarin vegan fudge bars

For everyone who’s sweet tooth needs regular appeasing, I’ve hand-picked a few of the most popular Healthy Sweet Treat Recipes on the blog into one post. The recipes are mostly refined-sugar free, relying on dates and other wholesome bits and bobs to deliver on blissful expectation. This Mandarin Vegan Fudge with toasted almond nibs is from my Cookbook. It’s corruptively rich. All the remaining recipes are linked below.

Chewy no-bake mini donuts

I love how a handful of ingredients can turn into something exquisitely delicious. If you’re even vaguely obsessed with donuts but can’t quite muster up the deep-fry, these chewy no-bake mini donuts are the bees knees. Hole in the middle, yum, they are.

Cashew and Tahini bliss balls

Tahini has become mainstream, and I couldn’t be happier. It adds a nutty, almost savoury edge to sweet recipes. Here, it’s meshed with medjool dates and cashew nuts for an addictively good dainty – Cashew and tahini bliss balls.

Cashew and Tahini bliss balls

If like me, you’re always on the lookout for healthy treats, these gluten free rice pop balls are the ones to make. The texture is fudgy with crisp rice bubbles and a caramel-ish chocolate flavour. Perfect to make ahead and store for when a craving hits.

Gluten free rice pop balls

My Almond Butter Oat Snack Balls are as to make as they are to eat. Judging by the way they disappeared after the shoot (okay, some went missing during, as well), they’re nothing shy of irresistible! Packed with oats, almond butter and coconut, they’re ever so more-ish. You might need to make double.

Almond Butter Oat Snack Balls

Sweetmeats, not to be confused with sweetbreads, are dainty mouthfuls of deliciousness, made mostly from preserved fruits, biscuits and butter. From there, the road opens to any number of tasty additions. Coconut, dried fruit and nuts, anything in the baking cupboard that looks like a good fit. Today we’re making biscuity Cape Malay Coconut Date Balls.

Cape Malay Coconut Date Balls

Dates are a staple in my kitchen. I love them for their caramel-ish taste and sticky texture. They’re especially good with thick Greek yoghurt and a drizzle of honey. They’re also one of the key ingredients in this Matcha date fudge. I can think of at least a dozen good uses for this Middle Eastern delicacy.

Matcha date fudge

What you can expect from Granola choc-nut bars:

  • Intense chocolate-y goodness
  • Nutty granola
  • Sticky Medjool dates
  • Toasty nuts and seeds (almonds, pecan, sunflower & pumpkin seeds)

Granola choc-nut super bars




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  • Christine Capendale
    21 May 2020 9:09 am

    SOOO inspiring and looks absoluteloy delicious!!!

  • Dianne Bibby
    26 May 2020 7:58 am

    Thank you Christine. Medjool dates are so handy! They’re perfect for quick and healthy anytime treats.

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