Roast butternut and lentil bobotie


September is Heritage month and what could be more traditional than Bobotie? Tweaked to perfection by The Cape Malay community, this South African household favourite has been on our tables since the 1800’s. Although originally made with pork or beef, my vegetarian roast butternut and lentil bobotie has all the flavours you’d expect from a conventional bobotie but packed with plant-based proteins for a healthy alternative.

This recipe was developed exclusively for Food 24. For the recipe, please click HERE


Roast butternut and lentil bobotie


Roast butternut and lentil bobotie


Roast butternut and lentil bobotie


Roast butternut and lentil bobotie



Click here for the recipe

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  • Diane this is genius 😉 I am moving to a more plant-based diet, and this recipe hits the spot!

  • Ah, thanks Kathleen. I love it and can eat several helpings! Thankfully it’s packed with good-for-you veggie health.

  • It looks delish!!

  • It makes a huge quantity and freezes surprisingly well. Good to have stashed away for easy weeknight suppers!

  • Gosh Di, this was amazing! Not usually a fan of bobotie, but this was divine! We absolutely loved it. Also LOVE the fact that it freezes well. Thank you for the recipe

  • So glad you made it Michelle. Growing up we always had the traditional meat version but this is my favourite.

  • Yolande Mirza
    15 February 2024 2:19 pm

    This looks sooo good. How can I leave out the butternut? My family doesn’t like butternut but I don’t want to compromise the recipe. Will it be ok to just leave it out?

  • Hi Yolandi. You will need to replace it with something similar. Maybe roast sweet potato? A starchy vegetable is preferable. Alternately, chickpeas will do the trick.

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