Bibby's Smoky Rose Harissa Paste

Covid has wreaked its havoc in the most unimaginable ways. It has challenged, stretched and tested the endurance of the human spirit to the brink and back. In amongst the destructive chaos, uncertainty and frustration has cast its shadowed cloak over everything we understood to be normal. The optimism of a silver lining, audacious as it may seem, perhaps more a palish grey at best, is the resilience and dogged determination that has birthed a new era of creative thinking. Emerging from debilitated industries are supportive collaborative concepts and innovations, spurred equally by necessity and demand, online business platforms reflecting the most significant growth.

Bibby's Aperol Marmalade

Since the launch of the Bibby’s Kitchen cookbook, I’ve been working on concept ideas for the Bibby’s brand, doggedly testing recipes for pantry staples that could be useful kitchen companions. In the kitchen staples chapter, I make mention of how pastes, spice rubs and the likes, are the flavour workhorses that can transform ordinary into exceptional. As with most creative ideas, one thing leads to another and so it has here too. Testing the waters cautiously, I introduced the core range to my cooking class in November 2020. We sold out within a week.

Bibby's Smoky Chipotle Spice Rub for Everything

This year, the range has expanded from 4 products to 16, most of which, are sold once again. Plans to launch the Bibby’s Essential Holiday Collection online was derailed by demand. In the offering – naturally sweetened Granolas, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Gingerbread Cookie and Gluten Free Olive Oil & Orange Coconut Granola. Selling out in days – Russian Tea Cakes, Christmas Pud Chocolate Salami, Miso & Pecan Caramel, Grapefruit & Herb Gin Cocktails, Cloudy Apple Chutney & everyone’s favourite, Gingery Tomato Chutney. The Pistachio & Tahini Dukkah was also a winner, perfect for yoghurt, nut butter toast and dessert sprinkles. If time allows, the entire collection will be available again next year, along with more wildly delicious surprises. It’s with huge gratitude to you that a tiny taste of my kitchen has been welcomed in your home.  Thank you for the most incredible support and being part of this exciting new journey. In the meantime, here are several stalwart pantry basics that I’m never without. They’re available from the online shop.

Bibby's Brand

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  • All sounds absolutely freakin awesome – would love to get my hands on these yummy life changing ideas and recipes…

  • Anne McDermid
    10 December 2021 2:15 pm

    Your products look very tempting, where can they be purchased.
    I live in Fish Hoek Western Cape.

  • Hello Anne. Thank you so much. They’re available from the Bibby’s Kitchen online store. We’re happy to deliver directly to you. Best regards Di

  • That is hands down the very best marmalade I have ever had. So finely cut, taste and texture was perfect. Bought 3 bottles, 2 as gifts…. Sorry Santa , all gone.

  • So delighted to hear! They are rather difficult to part with. I hope the recipients are converted marmalade fans. Thank you for the rave review. x

  • So glad you like them, Dee. All available online. Compliments of the season!

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